Born in St. Cloud, Minnesota on April 8, 1955, Terry was involved with art at an early age. He spent many days at the kitchen table drawing, coloring, cutting, and pasting. His first painting experience occurred on his very first day of school. Sobbing at the prospect of being left alone, he clung to his mother. His teacher gently peeled him away and led him to an easel where she gave him a brush and colorful jars of tempera paint. A red window and yellow sun was created...he didn’t notice his mother had left.

Terry attended art classes in high school, and enrolled in a drawing course at St. John's University where his original intent was to pursue a business degree. His professors convinced him to major in art, which he eventually did. While later attending Iowa State's Masters of Architecture program, Terry realized he found studio art more fulfilling and settled for B.Sc. in Architecture. Still, Terry loves architecture and has worked on several residential projects throughout the years, blending his artistic and design skills.

Terry is fortunate to have the support of both his parents. His mother is a talented painter who has continually encouraged him while his father provided the means and guidance allowing him to fully commit. Terry’s wife and 5 children continue playing a central role in his artistic development: ever present, patient, and supportive. A recent move to a small farm has blessed Terry with the studio he has long yearned for with more than adequate studio space and room to grow...wherever it may lead.

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