Creating art is an act of trust. Whatever the medium, one sets out in a direction not knowing exactly where it may lead. The journey requires setting aside preconceived ideas, plans, or intentions and trusting that somewhere along the away a work of art will materialize.

Presently, the work is on paper, cardboard, masonite or canvas. The piece is usually placed flat for pressure to be applied with crayons, pencils, scrapers or knives. Polymers are used as the adhesive and for glazing.

Color usually dominates the theme. One color leads to another with form, shape and texture playing a lesser part. It would be accurate to liken this artistic composition to music that is expressed without vocals. A painting without recognizable forms can elicit profound emotion.

As the process continues and the piece is further developed, there comes a point where something added may detract from the work. Work stops only to be resumed at a later point if necessary. The latter part of the work requires the attention. Experience is a great benefit and, with a bit of good fortune, success will be achieved.

- Terry Sexton, 2006

© 2006 - Terry Sexton - All rights reserved.